Hello world.

 I'm a Factory Trained printer repair tech. I own and operate a Printer repair shop Laguna Service Inc. People say I can fix anything. I was a art and industrial arts major in school. I went to art collage to study my passion and life got in the way. I have always been working with my hands building, fixing and creating in ceramics, drawing and oil painting I'm now returning back to art work and creating.
"I've been working online for many years. Building Niche Blogs. I'm a home brewer, Fig grower, Wood Oven and smoker foodie and a Mr. fix it DIY person
When I'm not working my favorite pastime is Making and Drinking Beer. I brew about 25 gallons at a time which could be a IPA or Barley Wine or a Strong Ale. The Brewing Process takes 8 hours to make and about a couple of weeks or more to ferment and another 2-3 weeks to age and its ready to enjoy. There Is Nothing Like a Home Brew Beer Just The Way You Like It!!

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